Parents are equal partners in the team that helps develop the educational program for your child.  Being able to communicate and work effectively with school professionals can be overwhelming, especially if a child is experiencing learning difficulties. Our goal at BES is to meet the child and family right where they are, and to assist in working collaboratively with the team of professionals involved in the child's process.

BES advocacy and parent support is founded in a respectful and collaborative approach which strives to empower parents and families as they share their child’s story. The BES team facilitates a process which supports creative problem solving, and is inclusive of all stakeholders and professionals serving the child. This approach can also result in BES supporting parents and families in the decision-making process to change their child’s educational setting, in order  to better address their unique needs.

There are a variety of ways that we provide parent support:

  • Review 504 plans or IEP's, and providing consultation support and guidance;

  • Assist in identifying accommodations, modifications and goals that would benefit your child based on their unique learning needs;

  • Assist in preparing for a meeting with school staff, a 504-committee meeting, or an Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee meeting;

  • Participate in a phone conference with school staff to assist in problem-solving a situation or discussing effective strategies to improve instruction and student performance;

  • Attend a meeting with school staff (504-committee meetings, pre-ARD and ARD committee meetings) to provide support and advocacy;

  • Assist in making decisions about the appropriate educational setting for a child;

  • Accompany parents on visits to specific schools, campuses and classrooms in consideration of a placement for their child;

  • Conduct classroom observations of a child, and collaborate with parents and school staff, related to effective instructional strategies and social emotional supports.

For a better understanding of Section 504, IDEA, and ADA law:

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For information, resources, and support:

For information, resources, and support: