“If you are looking for excellent academic coaching in Austin, TX you have found it in Boutique Educational Services! The owner, Lauren Bajwa, listened intently as I let her know what my son needed. He was struggling in math, but also needed help with executive functioning skills. Lauren then matched my son with an Academic Coach who she believed would be able to build a great working relationship, so that my son would thrive. And, wow - what a match!  Trevor, was phenomenal! I firmly believe that my son not only passed his math class, but excelled in it because of Trevor. My son’s confidence increased and he actually enjoyed going to math with Trevor! If your child is struggling in any subject or with executive functioning skills (or if they just need a boost in confidence), call Boutique Educational Services today!  Your child will thank you!”

- Middle school parent, Fusion Academy

“We moved to Austin so our daughter could attend Rawson Saunders School. After three great years there, we wanted to transition her to Hyde Park School. Fortunately for us, her former 3rd grade teacher at Rawson Saunders, Traci Grossfeld, is now with Lauren. Our daughter just successfully completed 5th grade at Hyde Park and has now started middle school there. Without Tracy I am not sure if the transition would have worked.”
- Parent, Hyde Park Middle School

“Several years ago my son was diagnosed with being twice exceptional. Combine that with high anxiety, his academic career became a train wreck almost overnight.  Through Lauren and her staff's brilliant strategies and compassionate help he is back on track. Their ability to work with teachers and combine their tutoring skills within the concept of 'team' is definitely one of their greatest strengths. Along the way, they were also able to relieve the high tension that can occur between parent/student around academics. I am confident now that he will graduate from high school and has a chance to move on to college if he chooses to do so.”

- Gail D., Parent Griffin High School

“Lauren and Cary are the perfect go-between for the student who feels like giving up and an educational system that is inflexible. They absolutely focus on the whole child - not just a grade on a page. They're marvelous at helping restore self-esteem.  My son regained his love of learning thanks to their guidance and teaching.” 

- Curlin Reed Sullivan, Parent

“My son first worked with Lauren after several unsuccessful tutoring attempts. Within weeks, she began to make a huge impact on my son’s reading speed and fluency.  She motivates children in such a positive and encouraging manner that they do not resist tutoring, even right after school, at all!  Lauren has provided me with a wealth of advice and tools to complement the work she has done with him. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone whose child could benefit from a kind and nurturing influence to drive their learning.” 

- Teresa B., Parent St. Andrew's Episcopal School Austin, Texas

“I owe a great deal of gratitude to these services. I would like to thank Lauren and all of her staff for making it possible for me to have a winning chance. I am a High School Graduate now because of it and I’m only few short months away from packing up and taking on college. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here without the help, kindness and support you all have shown me. I won’t ever forget this. Thank you all times a million!  Who would have thought I would have ever loved my teachers?”

- Preston S., proud high school graduate Austin, Texas

“We’ve had a great experience working with Lauren and her team over the past year. Our son had worked with a few other tutors/coaches, but he either didn’t like them or they weren’t very effective. Since working with Lauren’s team, our son has made a tremendous amount of progress, and he actually enjoys his sessions! Lauren has also been a great thought-partner and super helpful on big-picture topics. She helped us formulate a long-term plan, evaluate different schools, and navigate our son’s current school environment. Overall, we’ve found Lauren and her team to be effective, a pleasure to work with, and a key part of our son’s success over the past year. Thanks Lauren!”

- Scott U., parent Alpha Academy Austin, Texas






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