Successful students have strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and math. We provide instructional support during the school day at local public and private schools for struggling students. Our teachers specialize in building relationships with children while developing individualized lessons and personalized goals. 


Sometimes parents find themselves homeschooling and are not sure where to turn for support. We work with families to create a plan for their child while they find the right school or therapeutic placement. We provide parent consultation as well as direct instruction to students during the school day.  

Parent Support and Advocacy

Being able to communicate and work effectively with school staff, when your child is experiencing learning challenges, can be overwhelming. Our goal at BES is to support families by working collaboratively with the team of professionals who serve their child. At BES, we emphasize a child-centered model as we support parents through 504 and ARD planning and meetings, school communications and school transitions.  Our unique team of parent coaches can assist parents in identifying and prioritizing the steps that need to be taken, to best support their child. 

executive functioning coaching

Our academic coaches provide the organization, instruction, and encouragement necessary for students to complete assignments and to gain the momentum they need to be successful during the school day and at home.

Speech Language Therapy

Children with social skills challenges demonstrate a lack of “know-how” rather than a lack of social interest. They want to participate, but they just don’t know how, where, or when to begin. Our speech-language pathologists focus on guiding children through interactive experiences to enhance self-esteem, self-advocacy, empathy, taking another’s perspective, and cooperation skills.

Assistive Technology Support

For struggling students, particularly those with dysgraphia and other learning disabilities, the writing process can be painful.  Our students have so much to say, creative ideas, and amazing stories, yet getting them on paper can be time consuming and discouraging. Our assistive technology assessment process is designed to find the right accommodations, programs, and instructional strategies to help students independently put their thoughts into words, and their words onto paper.  Students who struggle in many areas, including reading, writing, communication, executive functioning, and math will benefit.